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  • 31000
  • 31000


  Manufacturer Manitowoc
  Model 31000
  Capacity 2535
  Fixed Jib on Main Boom 400.3
  Line Pull Speeds 110,230 lb/456 ft/min
The largest capacity crawler ever designed and built by Manitowoc, the new 31000 employs an innovative self-supporting counterweight. This feature, called the Variable Position Counterweight system, minimizes the crane's footprint and ground preparation.
  • Variable position counterweight, 8 m (28 ft) fully retracted to 29 m (95 ft) full extended
  • Four trunnion-mounted crawlers
  • Dual 447 kW (600 hp) Cummins engines
  • EPIC controls with CAN-Bus technology
  • Fast, efficient self-assembly and disassembly
  • Meets global transportation requirements