“Where Service is Golden”
“Notre qualité de service est d’or”

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About Us


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In 1954 taking a leave from his job at the City of Chicago, John Lanigan, Sr. started Mi-Jack Products, named for his two sons, Michael and Jack. The material handling industry held no bounds for Jack Sr. He searched for needs in the market place and devoted his energy to finding “a better way”.

In the 1960's, as a distributor of self propelled Rubber Tire Gantry cranes (RTG) Mi-Jack focused on the railroads and ports of the United States. Mi-Jack became the leader by pioneering new methods and technologies in Intermodal transportation, eventually earning the industries top recognition's. For other industries, the RTG crane proved equally effective in increasing efficiencies and productivity.

The early days of Mi-Jack was as a sales organization. John knew that keeping old customers was as important as finding new ones. This precipitated a philosophy that became the Mi-Jack slogan for the next 40 years, “Where Service is Golden”. Expanding from simply supplying the railroads equipment to providing operating services and then into the construction equipment distribution industry, Mi-Jack steadfastly maintained the benchmark of service response and reliability that all others would be measured against. Seeing an opportunity in the early 1980's, Mi-Jack purchased the manufacturing rights to the cranes they had been selling. As the manufacturer, Mi-Jack could better serve the needs of their customers. Incorporating their modifications at will, Mi-Jack entered into a new era, opening doors to new markets both nationally and internationally.

Today, Lanco is a diverse group of companies servicing the transportation and material handling industries, dedicated to taking the leading role in their respective markets. Over the past 50 years Lanco has evolved into a group of 16 manufacturing, marketing and service companies. Each business unit is mandated to provide the latest in technology and best business practices to achieve and maintain maximum performance and productivity for their customers.

Recognized world wide for their quality and reliability, the Mi-Jack Translift™ and Travelift® rubber tire gantry cranes and intermodal side loaders are manufactured to international ISO certified standards at our south suburban Chicago facility. Mi-Jack's manufacturing is credited with innovations in: electronically controlled hydraulics for faster, smoother operations; the use of CAD in R&D for modeling, ergonomics and stress analysis to provide more reliable and longer trouble free operation and the use of cameras, sensors and proximity switches for safer operation. Our Technology Research department has integrated the latest in Radio Frequency and GPS technologies for remote and automated crane operation.

Mi-Jack Rail and Port division - Recognized time and again for their contributions to modernization of our nations intermodal railroad industry, Mi-Jack's Intermodal Rail and Port division continues to set the standard for interactive communications between the manufacturer and the end user.

Mi-Jack's Travelift® RTG Crane division is responsible for direct sales to industrial material handling markets. Charged with finding new efficiencies in material handling and bringing these innovations to market, our Travelift® RTG Crane division has lead the change in today's methodology of material handling, storage and yard layout. By incorporating Mi-Jack's integrated technology of RF tags and GPS, we're developing "Smart Cranes" that know specific inventory positions and can automatically locate and recognize individual product.

Mi-Jack International division is responsible for establishing and maintaining the international distribution system for Mi-Jack Products. With over 27 dealers covering 53 countries, Mi-Jack RTG cranes are in place on 6 of the 7 continents of the world.

Mi-Jack Parts and Service division, is recognized as the industry leader in providing maintenance service, repair and parts for the Port, Railroad and industrial equipment end-users. Mi-Jacks dedication to excellence has earned them the designation of "Factory Authorized" by some of the world leading manufacturers of Railroad, Port and Industrial material handling equipment. Mi-Jack's extensive knowledge of service tasking, parts distribution and technical support combined with the development and use of the latest technologies for tracking, machine history, work-orders, communications, billing and warranty secure their position as industry leader.