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Carry Deck Cranes - Broderson


BrodersonĀ® Carry Deck Cranes are very versatile, ideal for lifting material that requires a compact, low-profile crane that can clear overhead obstacles and maneuver in tight spaces. Carry Deck cranes range in size from 2 ton to 18 ton. Broderson Industrial cranes remain the crane of choice for plant, facility and project site requirements in a wide range of industries. For more information on the full line of New Broderson Carry Deck Cranes please contact your Mi-JackĀ® Canada sales person today!


  YearManufacturerModelCapacityBoom RotationSheave Height
Broderson IC-20 NEW Broderson IC-20 2.5 Tons 90 27' 9"
Broderson IC-200 NEW Broderson IC-200 15 360 73'
Broderson IC-25 NEW Broderson IC-25 2 Fixed 27'
Broderson IC-250 NEW Broderson IC-250 18 360 79' 6"
Broderson IC-35 NEW Broderson IC-35 4 360 33'
Broderson IC-40 NEW Broderson IC-40 4.5 360 33' 6"
Broderson IC-80 NEW Broderson IC-80 9 360 46'
Broderson RT-300 NEW Broderson RT-300 15 360 88'