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MJ1200R EH

  • MJ1200R EH
  • MJ1200R EH


  Year NEW
  Manufacturer Mi-Jack
  Model MJ1200R EH
  Capacity 100,000
  Price1 POR
  • Fuel Savings: 73% Fuel savings compared to standard machine
  • Hoist Speed: Industry Leader, best performance and productivity
  • Power Supply: Batter Powered Electric Crane
  • ICW: Based on customer needs (40' to 70' standard sizes)
  • Generator: Tier 3 John Deere Diesel
  • Fuel: No. 2 Diesel
  • Drive System: Variable frequency drive controlled electric motor drives a planetary gearbox at each drive wheel with a roller chain final drive.
  • Steering: Planetary gearboxes, one on each steer yoke providing 90 degree pivot steer capability.
  • Cab: Solarium view cab design, Joystick fingertip controls for safe and smooth operation
20-'40' expandable spreader with top and bottom pick capabilities-"U" Spreader, Engine/Gen set, Low oil pressure engine shutdown, High temperature engine shutdown, Solid state stepless controls ensures smooth operation, Enclosed Vertical Elevating Cab, Tinted safety glass and Acoustic insulation in cab, Joystick controls, Heater and defroster, 2-Speed windshield wiper, Swivel operator's seat, Horn, HMI display group (includes oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter and hour meter), 4 Red strobe lights, 4 Motion alarms, 8-500 watt quartz lights, Enclosed power unit, 3-24 volt halogen power unit lights, Container latch indicator lights, Engine coolant heater, Hydraulic reservoir heater, 110 volt outlet near cab, Wheel guards, Maintenance platforms and ladders, Safety railings, Tool rack, Ground fueling, Three fire extinguishers, Full CanBus electronic crane control system with variable frequency drive control system, Electronic trolley slowdown system, Fire suppression system

"WTP" Lift system, PinPlus, Heated operator seat, Large object recognition system, Damage prevention system, Hybrid steering system, GPS steering, 20'-40' "B" Spreader, Gate style wheel guards with automatic shutdown, Air conditioning, Camera system for crane corners and spreader, Scale system, Tool box, Hydraulic Anti-sway system for long hanger chain load handling applications, Automatic spreader extent/retract, Automatic side shift restore, Variable decibel travel alarms


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