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Tadano-Mantis Telecrawler Cranes


Mi-Jack® Canada offers a full line of new Tadano-Mantis® telecrawler cranes for sale. Telecrawler cranes provide the versatile combination of heavy duty telescopic booms, hydraulically extendable crawlers, and extremely compact dimensions. Tadano Mantis Hydraulic Crawlers can often get closer to a job than bulkier, fixed length lattice boom crawler crane or a rough terrain that must deploy outriggers to achieve full lift capacity. These features coupled with 360° pick and carry capabilities and a variety of productivity improving attachments make the Tadano Mantis Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane the most versatile piece of equipment on the job site.


  YearManufacturerModelCapacityMax Boom Length, m (ft)Max Tip HeightPrice1
Mantis 6010 NEW Mantis 6010 30 80 124 POR
Mantis 6010LP NEW Mantis 6010LP 30 80 124 POR
Mantis 8012 NEW Mantis 8012 40 90 145 POR
Mantis 10010Mx NEW Mantis 10010Mx 50 111 167 POR
Mantis 15010 NEW Mantis 15010 77 111.5 167 POR
Mantis 20010 NEW Mantis 20010 100 137 196 POR
Mantis Rerailer 30012 NEW Mantis Rerailer 30012 150 40 POR