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Mantis 8012

  • Mantis 8012
  • Mantis 8012
  • Mantis 8012
  • Mantis 8012


  Year NEW
  Manufacturer Mantis
  Model 8012
  Price1 POR
  Capacity 40
  Max Boom Length, m (ft) 90
  Max Tip Height 145
With 10-plus year’s worldwide service behind it, the Mantis 8012 is one of the most performance-proven telescopic boom crawler cranes available. Rated at 40-ton (36-tonne) lifting capacity at a generous 12ft (3.66m) radius, the Mantis 8012 is conservatively-rated, super heavy-duty crane that contractors depend upon for critical and challenging assignments. And like all Mantis cranes, the 8012 can pick-and-carry its entire load chart – through 360°. 
For its size and power, the 8012 has an extraordinarily low center of gravity and a small counterweight that represents only 11-12% of working weight. This combination facilitates tremendous stability, especially when operating on steep inclines. The 8012 can walk with full boom and jib deployed, or with full nominal capacity suspended. It can even walk with 35-tons (31.8-tonnes) suspended when equipped with zero counterweight or with tracks retracted providing lower ground bearing pressure or narrower widths when needed. 
  • 40-tons (36-tonnes) pick-and-carry capacity at 12ft (3.66m) radius thru 360°.
  • Fully synchronized three-section full power boom of 90ft (27.4m) length.
  • Choice of lattice boom extensions and offsettable jibs for up to 145ft (44.2m) tip height.
  • 215 hp (168kW) diesel engine standard.
  • Low ground bearing pressure of 6.3 psi (0.45 kg/cm2).
  • Mantis-engineered in-situ auger options with optional hydraulic tool circuit.
  • Fast two-speed independent hydrostatic track drive to 3 mph (4.8 km/hr).
  • Full boom telescoping and boom lift under full hook load.
  • 11-to-12ft (3.35-3.66m) minimum travel width.
  • Extraordinary 10ft (3.05m) minimum overhead clearance height.
  • Choice of track shoe widths, Apex swamp pads or bolt-on rubber track pads to suit any ground surface.
  • 85-89,000lb (38.5-40.3-tonne) shipping weight fully equipped – hauls as a single, ready-to-work load.
  • Steep 78% gradeability thanks to low center of gravity.
  • Hydraulic on-the-fly track frame retraction and extension.
  • Powerful 17,500lb (7.9-tonne) planetary main winch with full load single line speeds to 228 fpm (69.5 mpm) or 489 fpm (149 mpm) no-load speed.
  • Optional Mantis WP-750 Heavy Duty Work Platform for 130ft (39.7m) working height.
  • High 14ins (358mm) ground clearance helps avoid damage and snagging.


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