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  Year NEW
  Manufacturer Mi-Jack
  Model MJ30
  Capacity 60,000
  Price1 POR
  • Fuel: No. 2 Diesel
  • Drive System: Hydrostatic on rear wheels
  • Steering: Electrically controlled hydraulic power
Standard Equipment: Open operator platform under side beam, Operating switches and gauges, Noise suppression, 4 Red strobe lights, 4 Motion alarms, Cummins Diesel Engine, Rear wheel drive and steer, single trolley, chain traverse, Programmable Electronic Control System, Electronic, stepless, infinitely variable controls for hoist, traverse and drive, Wheel guards, 8 Lights (4 work, 4 drive)

Dual/Split trolley (specify spacing), Enclosed forward facing cab, raised operator cab, Cab heater, Tinted glass, Windshield wiper, Adjustable bucket seat, Ladder safety device(s), Transverse steer, Engine block heater, Remote Control, Drive camera/monitor kit, AC light package, Air conditioner

Spare tire and wheel, American tool kit (recommended for export), Filter kits, Export preparation, Magnet package, Spreader beams, Spare parts kit


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