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All Terrain Cranes


Terex® All Terrain Cranes have lifting capacities of 30 to 1,200 metric tons. The design is customer-oriented, to provide maximum mobility and versatility, so the cranes can be used for many jobs or applications. Mi-Jack® Canada carries all models of the Terex-Demag All Terrain Cranes from the AC’s to the challengers and more. Contact a Mi-Jack Canada sales person for more information.


  YearManufacturerModelMAX LIFTING CAP. (US tons) Price1
GMK4115 NEW Grove GMK4115
GMK4115L NEW Grove GMK4115L
GMK4100B NEW Grove GMK4100B
3050-1 NEW Grove 3050-1
GMK5165-2 NEW Grove GMK5165-2
GMK5225 NEW Grove GMK5225
GMK7550 NEW Grove GMK7550
GMK6400 NEW Grove GMK6400
GMK6300L NEW Grove GMK6300L
GMK6250L NEW Grove GMK6250L
GMK5275 NEW Grove GMK5275
GMK5135 NEW Grove GMK5135
GMK5115 NEW Grove GMK5115