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Rough Terrain Cranes


Terex®Rough Terrain cranes boast three steering modes, compact and rugged design, boom telescoping even under load, comfortable and ergonomic cab with intuitive and easy controls. These characteristics make Terex rough terrain cranes versatile, easy to use and ready to work for long hours, minimizing the fatigue of the operator. At Mi-Jack® Canada we carry a full line of New Terex RT’s including the Terex Quadstars. Please contact your Mi-Jack Canada representative for more information on the full line.


  YearManufacturerModelPrice1Max Boom Length, m (ft)
RT765E-2 NEW Grove RT765E-2
RT880E NEW Grove RT880E
RT890E NEW Grove RT890E
RT9130E NEW Grove RT9130E
RT9150E NEW Grove RT9150E
RT530E-2 NEW Grove RT530E-2
RT540 E NEW Grove RT540 E
RT600E NEW Grove RT600E