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Empty Container Handler


Taylor empty container handlers are "All American," designed and built in the USA. Taylor is always on the cutting edge of industrial technology, always committed to designing and building the best, most productive, most dependable container handling equipment in the world. Taylor's empty container handlers are equipped with a wide assortment of masts and attachments to better meet your particular need.


  YearModelManufacturerCapacityPrice1WheelbaseSide Shift
TXEC-155/6 2015 TXEC-155/6 Taylor 15,000 POR 150 in 20 in
TXEC-205/6 2015 TXEC-205/6 Taylor 20,000 POR 180 in 24 in
TXEC-206/7 2015 TXEC-206/7 Taylor 20,000 POR 180 in 24 in
TXEC-207/8 2015 TXEC-207/8 Taylor 20,000 POR 180 in 24 in